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We are an addictions counselling practice that specialises in dealing with all types of addictions and associated mental health disorders.

  We offer:

  • an outpatient programme
  • individual, couples and family counselling
  • various testing options

The road to recovery starts here.


Imogen McIntosh
Counsellor, group & workshop facilitator
Graduate Diploma in Counselling (SACAP)

Imogen’s own recovery journey started with the 12-step programme. She has been working in the mental health sector since 1996, and was a counsellor and manager at a leading Cape Town clinic for 20 years.

Her current focus in her private practice  and at various clinics is on individual, couple and group counselling. Using a multi-modal approach, she provides gentle care in a judgement-free environment which creates hope and healing.

Our outpatient programme provides the best possible chance of recovery from addiction and other mental health disorders.

Patients can continue with their daily lives when receiving treatment – whilst still managing to meet their family, work and life responsibilities.

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Monika MacNaughton
Counsellor, workshop facilitator and public-speaker
BA (Psych. Hons.), Dip. Hypnotherapy (BSCH)

Monika has been working as an addictions and general counsellor since 2007. She offers a straightforward yet empathetic and holistic approach to help her clients tackle their addictions, process any trauma and rebuild their lives in all aspects.

She holds an Honours degree in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and has worked as a senior counsellor and unit manager for a well-known psychiatric clinic in Cape Town.


Celebrating 1 year today!  I am doing very well and am feeling generally calm, no anxiety and much more confident and practicing “boundaries”!  And feeling grateful, that I am still clean, and grateful to you both for your support, kindness and for getting me back together again.

I hope that you are both well too and still fighting the good fight and helping others continue into recovery.

The good news is that its now 2 years since I last attended group sessions with you, and I’m still clean and dry!  I’d relapsed several times before and this is the longest I’ve been sober since trying to stop drinking 8 years ago.  Everyone is different and many find solutions in other treatment options, but I firmly believe that the groups I attended with you worked best for me. 

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done to help with my recovery from alcoholism. You have both taught me so much and your program has been extremely enlightening and beneficial.

I think your modest and straightforward approach is very effective and I hope you realise and appreciate the massively positive affect you are having on addicts’ lives and their loved ones.

I just wanted to say thank you again for your help. It is four years now that I arrived in Cape Town and since I last picked up, it has been a pretty remarkable journey. I have been in a pretty good job that I enjoy for two and half years, I am reasonably fit, walking and running, and most importantly I am on extremely good terms with the children and ex.


Imogen McIntosh

Monika MacNaughton
PRC 0023183 (HPCSA)

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